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  • Dedicated Memory
  • Monthly Bandwidth Transfer
  • Raid-10 Hardware
vps Hosting 1
  • 512MB
  • 1,000GB

$89.95 /mo
vps starter
  • 15GB
  • 1,000GB

$99.95 /mo
SIX CORE E5-2620
  • 24GB
  • 10,000GB

$679.95 /mo

Dedicated & VPS Hosting Services

VPS Optimized cPanel is a new version of cPanel specially designed to run on VPS Servers. cPanel VPS Optimized provides the feature rich functionality of cPanel / WHM while in the same time reducing memory usage by up to 60% on Virtual Private Servers. cPanel VPS Optimized has been tested specifically on VPS instances with low amounts of total memory. Baseline memory usage numbers were significantly reduced by updating a VPS from cPanel / WHM to cPanel VPS Optimized with no other changes.

cPanel VPS Optimized represents a great step forward for cPanel customers. The reduction in memory usage for each install allows client the ability to host large high traffic sites or to host more domains per Virtual Private Server. This increase enables clients to have more efficient, eco friendly VPS with our VPS hosting environment.

Our USA dedicated servers are perfect for any size business. High performance, fully redundant, and reliable servers to meet and exceed your business needs. We offer servers in USA from a single server with a single processor, up to a fully redundant dual quad core servers with hardware RAID and managed backups, we can find a server that is right for you. Servers can be upgraded with additional memory, hard disks and hardware raid at the point of order.

100% Fully Managed VPS

Our VPS are fully managed & comes with 24x7 support along with hardware management, operating system and software support, security updates,firewall,spam prevention and more.

FREE WHMCS/cPanel & Softaculous

WHM/cPanel and Softaculous are available FREE with all vps hosting plans. Manage your sites easily with cPanel and install 300+ scripts with just a click of a button using Softaculous.


Need more RAM or CPU? If your web sites or customer base is growing bigger we can scale up your VPS with just a click of a button with zero downtime for your web sites.

200% Faster Than Everyone Else

With SSD Supercharged Caching Technology and 1000Mbps monster uplinks our USA virtual private servers are twice as faster than most of the other standard VPS providers.

100% Cloud Ready

As a Cloud partner we can enable CloudFlare on your VPS for enhanced security and distribute your content around the world so it’s closer to your site visitors thus speeding up your web site.

Spam Free E-Mail, FTP & MYSQL

Our Virtual Private Servers come with unlimited FTP, unlimited MySQL databases, powerful spam free emails and many more with no server resource limitations unlike in shared hosting.


I found Hosting Penguin on Google while searching for reseller hosting and reseller hosting plans. They are both affordable and reliable. The uptime I have had on my reseller web hosting is simply amazing!

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